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New initiative: Caring for Our Caregivers helps take care of the selfless healthcare workers who are working hard to care for us during this pandemic.

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The Science of the Soul

The Sufi Psychology of M.T.O. Shahmaghsoudi® is the Science of the Soul. It is a way to expand the current limitations of psychology to encompass the entirety of the human being. Through the principles of Sufism each individual can come to know his or her innermost self, the self which is much more than simply thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It is a method to reacquaint each individual with their true identity, the "I", which is the source of strength, resiliency, joy, and peace. In doing so, one moves past the habitual patterns of behavior, repetitive thought processes, and emotional reactivity to discover harmony, balance, and joy from within. As a result, outward relationships with family, friends, and community are also improved. Sufi Psychology reminds individuals that there is more to them than just their situations and circumstances and encourages exploration of their true identity.


Each academic year, workshops or conferences are held at various universities, and the theme varies. Sufi teaching techniques encompass the linear, intellectual realm, but also focus on the non-linear, emphasizing learning through the use of music, stories, art, poetry, movement, and involvement in direct experience. Participants often comment on the caring atmosphere of beauty, harmony, peace and love and report feeling a sense of connection with their innermost being.

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The Sufi Psychology Association has been awarded a three-year research grant to study Sufi Psychotherapy.

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How can I learn more about M.T.O. Sufi Psychology®?

Since each individual is unique, the most effective way to learn is through personal experience. There are several different means of experiential learning available, such as workshops, retreats, and Tamarkoz® classes (listed in the Events section). Reading provides useful introductory information, and suggestions are given on the Publications page. In addition, the M.T.O. Shahmaghsoudi® website,, provides useful exercises and information on the spiritual base of Sufism and its broad perspective.

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