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The SPA provides the educational portion of weekend retreats sponsored through Wayfinders®. Weekend retreats are experiential and are typically held from Thursday or Friday evening to Sunday morning. They center around a theme and allow the participants to step away from everyday life and fully immerse themselves in Sufi practices and the topic of the retreat. SPA members receive a 10% discount on retreats. For more information about retreats, the lodging/accommodations and a sample schedule, please visit

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Past Events

June 6-9, 2019 My Journey, My Life: Annual Tamarkoz Retreat for Young Adults, Sacramento, CA

The Sufi Psychology Association provided some of the educational workshops and content for the annual Tamarkoz young adult retreat, “My Journey, My Life”. The retreat began with an exciting and refreshing white-water rafting experience on the American River. Participants enjoyed daily morning Movazeneh practice in the garden, an in-depth Tamarkoz workshop, evening candle light and stargazing meditations, and Zikr. They expressed their delight with creating and performing skits of Sufi stories and teachings; and partaking in educational sessions on cognitive framework, health and nutrition, and lessons from Professor Sadegh Angha’s book, The Traditional Medicine of Iran.

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April 12-14, 2019, Sufi Healing Retreat, Sacramento, CA

The Sufi Psychology Association provided some of the educational workshops for the healing retreat. The workshops included Tamarkoz® and Movazaneh® practices to harmonize the energy centers of the body in order to unravel inner resiliency, a journaling session to allow self-examination, feelings of gratitude, and letting go, and a presentation on the importance of the breath in reviving, nurturing, and nourishing the entire being. A comprehensive guide to a healthy and balanced diet that promoted enjoying whole foods in moderation was presented as well as a closer look at studying the cause of illness and the source of life at the cellular level. Steps were made towards observing the self-narration, and examining the emotional and mental processes that instills awareness in order to heal the mind.

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February 22-24, 2019, Tamarkoz Retreat: Happiness, Sacramento, CA

The Sufi Psychology Association provided the educational content for a Wayfinders retreat called Happiness. All activities were aimed at evoking the inner joy within the heart, where the soft and tender feeling of love flows. The workshops included harmonizing the energy centers of the body through Movazaneh® exercises; experiencing the soothing power of journaling; reflecting on our blessings and practicing gratitude; creating a happy skit, a game of collaboration and co-operation to bring a smile to everyone; and even having a chance to meet an adorable 9-week old puppy, named Joy! Not surprisingly, each participant was bestowed the seal of a Play Certificate, instantly becoming a member of the society for children of all ages--to walk in the rain, smell the flowers, and wander around... Each night came to an end with the heartfelt experience of Zikr, the remembrance of the Beloved, followed by uplifting visualization exercises, often recalling the playfulness of childhood memories.

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June 21-24, 2018 Creating Positive Change Annual Tamarkoz Retreat for Young Adults, Sacramento, CA

The Sufi Psychology Association provided educational workshops and content for the annual Tamarkoz® young adult retreat. Workshops were about cognitive distortions, neuroplasticity, and experiential art projects to name a few. As part of the activities, participants enjoyed an exciting whitewater river rafting experience on the scenic American River. Each evening after soothing guided meditation, participants felt inspired in gathering with zikr sessions, and those with musical instruments played in harmony with them. Movazaneh® and Tamarkoz® workshops provided participants with amazing opportunities to connect with delicate energy and focus on the heart. The retreat was a memorable experience as participants expressed their gratitude, and wish for an even longer retreat.

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May 11-13, 2018, Sufi Healing Retreat, Sacramento, CA

The Sufi Psychology Association provided some of the educational workshops for the healing retreat. This was a unique event as the retreat was based upon the recommended healing and nutritional practices of His Holiness, Salaheddin Ali Nader Angha. Participants of the retreat spent the weekend learning various methods to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle. It was an extraordinary weekend for all.

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Feb 23-25, 2018, Collaboration and Cooperation Retreat, Sacramento, CA

The Sufi Psychology Association provided the educational content for a Wayfinders retreat called Collaboration and Cooperation. The exercises presented were based upon Professor Nader Angha’s book “Theory “I”” and allowed participants to connect with their inner self, while harmonizing with their peers through a series of collaborative activities in an accepting, loving, and kind environment. Movazeneh® exercises were enjoyed each morning, including several examples of cooperative postures, as well as soothing, activating and energy-balancing postures and movements. Attendees enjoyed lively, physically active cooperative games in which competition caused interference. A focus was on understanding and improving one’s own personal patterns, as well as overcoming fears and learning effective and useful communication skills. Every night, all attendees joined in the circle of Zikr to remember the Beloved, all in harmony with one voice, one movement. Evaluative comments included: "…very relaxing…"; "I was able to quiet my chattering mind and find some peace."; "…truly opened up new windows for me.”; “Tamarkoz brings a sense of purpose and focus to my life.”; ”…being able to attend is a blessing in broad daylight.”

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November 11-12, 2017, Creative Change: A Tamarkoz® Retreat for UC Berkeley Graduate Students, Sacramento, CA

The M.T.O. Sufi Association and U.C. Berkeley Graduate Students Assembly held a Tamarkoz® retreat for graduate students and SPA provided some of the educational content. Eighteen students arrived at the M.T.O. Shahmaghsoudi® retreat center in Sacramento to get a reprieve from the strain of being a graduate student. The two-day retreat utilized Sufi practices to relieve stress and teach students skills to use in their everyday lives. Attendees learned about Islamic Sufism, practiced Tamarkoz® and experienced Zikr. They attended various workshops where they explored their identity, realigned their priorities towards a more balanced way of life, used deep breathing to dive deeper into their hearts, and tapped into their creativity to express themselves. At the end of the two-day experience, students reported feeling a sense of calm and relaxation and feeling ready to take on the events in their lives, though many expressed not wanting to leave the retreat center's cozy and serene environment.

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August 25-27, 2017 Retreat Tamarkoz Retreat: Sound, Music and the Sufi Zikr, Sacramento, CA

SPA presented at this season's Tamarkoz® Retreat at the Sacramento Retreat Center. Participants began to learn and focus on their sense of hearing by listening to a wide range of familiar sounds that were not-so-easy to recognize at first. Everyone then indulged in a music relaxation exercise that evoked diverse emotions and feelings of nostalgia as different kinds of music were played. Each person experimented with their own unique pitch, frequency, and breathing pattern to uncover their true voice. Attendees then joined together in smaller groups to experience toning and harmonization to create a delightful melody without the use of words. The overall experience was further enriched each morning with a beautiful and rejuvenating movement of Movazeneh®, while the evening filled with stillness after harmonious and soothing Sufi zikr.

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May 18-21, 2017 Annual Tamarkoz Retreat for Young Adults, Sacramento, CA

SPA presented workshops in this year's annual young adult retreat which was enrolled to maximum capacity. Participants from across North America expressed their experience of joy and relaxation from the ambience upon their arrival at the Sacramento retreat center. Each morning began with Tamarkoz® and Movazaneh® in the tranquil gardens with bird songs and rays of sunlight greeting the participants. Activities that inspired creativity and inner-calm continued throughout the day. As creativity and contentment infused each person, participants found themselves picking up musical instruments, even if they had not touched one in years, and played to their own beautiful melodies. Others joined with their voices to sing Sufi poems and before long, engaged in hours of zikr. A kayaking tour on Lake Natoma led to sightings of the majestic American Bald Eagle. The gourmet, delicious meals and desserts filled participants with delight. The retreat ended with participants expressing their sincere gratitude for the rejuvenation and self-love they gained in their experiences at the retreat.

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Nov 4-6, 2016 Annual Silent Tamarkoz Retreat, Sacramento, CA

SPA provided self-discovery workshops for students attending the annual Silent Tamarkoz® retreat at the Sacramento Retreat Houses. It was a real getaway: 40 hours of rest, relaxation, contemplation, delicious food and self-discovery, all in silence... and they loved it! The elements of Movazeneh®, Concentration, Deep Breathing, Relaxation and Visualization were included, as well as Sufi zikr.

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“By discovering their inner dimension, human beings will gain permanent knowledge and will be guided by eternal and infinite principles.”

Professor Nader Angha, Theory I : the Unlimited Vision…of Leadership

“Individuals who follow the guidance of the stable center are in a state of equilibrium, in harmony with nature.”

Professor Nader Angha, Theory I : the Unlimited Vision…of Leadership