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**As a result of the Covid Crisis, the Sufi Psychology Association is changing the timing and format for its journal, Sufism: The Science of the Soul. We will instead send members a short article on a helpful topic, accompanied by a useful activity, every two weeks. We hope the new format and information will be helpful for you.

Sufism: The Science of the Soul

The M.T.O. Sufi Psychology Association® publishes a journal titled Sufism: The Science of the Soul. Although primary emphasis is on informational, theoretical and research articles, poetry, art, and personal experiences are also included. Issues vary markedly in content, and perspectives from various different disciplines and cultural backgrounds are presented.

Membership in the Sufi Psychology Association includes a subscription (for US members only) to Sufism: The Science of the Soul. Non-member subscriptions are $18.95 per year, including postage and handling for US orders. Please contact for prices if you are outside of the US. Individual copies of current and past journals may also be purchased for $5.95 plus postage and handling.

Call for Papers

Sufism: The Science of the Soul is seeking articles, poetry, and artwork related to Sufism and how your Sufi studies have affected your everyday life. Personal writings as well as academic papers of less than 3000 words adhering to the American Psychological Association Style are welcomed. Please submit your work via e-mail to

Purchase all Volumes 1 - 14.2

Volume 14, Issue 2

Special Young Adult Edition

-Prayer: Presence of Heart

-A Pure Mirror Image

-Principles of Formation and Stability of Systems

-Remembrance of Self

-Creativity Comes with Knowledge

-The Solution to Racism

Volume 13, Issue 2

Special Young Adult Edition

-Technological Advancements vs. Knowledge

-The Role of “I” in Leadership

-Anxiety, Self-Talk, and Narratives

-Tranquility: The True Source of Strength

-Nutrition According to the Traditional Medicine of Iran


Volume 13, Issue 1

-A Youthful Perspective on Sufism

-Ramadhan Unveiled: The Divine Message

-A Being of Light and Love

-A Matter of Life and Death

Volume 12, Issue 2

-Children's Spirituality

-In Search of Identity

-Near-Death Experiences

-Heart and Soul Awareness

Volume 12, Issue 1

-Freedom from Fear

-On the Magnetic Centers of the Human Body, Cosmic Energy, and the Journey of the Hydrogen Atom

-Symbolism in the M.T.O. Shahmaghsoudi® Los Angeles Khaneghah

Volume 11, Issue 2

-Breath: Awareness and Inspiration

-Helping Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders

-The Extraordinary Human

-A Sufi Perspective on Education

Volume 11, Issue 1

-Gratitude and Healing


-Sufi Tools for Obtaining Peace and Solving Conflicts

-The Psychology of Goodness

Volume 10, Issue 2


-Possibilities, Limitations, and the Power of our Beliefs

-Love: The Secret of Life

-Prayer: The Sufi Way

Volume 10, Issue 1

-The Energy of Love


-The Island of Addiction and Awareness: The Insula

-The Poetry of Rumi and Eight Principles of Sufism

-Tamarkoz®: The 30 Minute Vacation

Volume 9, Issue 2

-Truth and Cognition in Sufism

-Stress, Stressors and Our Immune System

-The Power of the Heart

Volume 9, Issue 1

-Wandering Mind

-The Many Faces of Cancer

-Self-Esteem: Looking Within

-Nourishing the Soul

Volume 8, Issue 2

-Addiction and Habit Formation: Breaking the Rules

-Integration and Assessment of Spirituality in Counseling: A Sufi Perspective

-The External World Does Not Convey the Absolute Truth

Volume 8, Issue 1

-A Sufi Perspective on Development


-Love and Development

-Education for Peace

Volume 7, Issue 2

-The Neurochemistry of Love

-Love: The Glue that Holds Everything Together

-Love and Emotional Homeostasis

-A Body of Love


Volume 7, Issue 1

-Tamarkoz (Sufi Meditation) for Heart Patients: A Pilot Study

-Integrating Three States of Consciousness: A View from the Bedside

-Holistic Health and Healing: A Sufi Point of View

-Loving Yourself

Volume 6, Issue 2

-Breathing into Consciousness

-Creative Approaches to Harmonizing Body, Mind, and Spirit

-The Power of Prayer

-The Psychology of Consciousness

Volume 6, Issue 1


-The Electromagnetic System of the Body

-So…Why are we here? A Sufi Perspective on Humanity’s Responsibility

-From Digital to Spiritual: the Use of Spirituality as a Therapeutic Strategy

Volume 5, Issue 2

-Healing for Healers

-The Care and Feeding of the Heart

-Self-Care: Surely, but Which One? (The Social-Self versus the Spiritual-Self)

-Handling Fear

Volume 5, Issue 1

-A New Perspective on Peace

-The Energy of Belief

-Spirituality and Teen Recovery

-A Sad Heart is a Sick Heart (Depression and Coronary Heart Disease)

Volume 4, Issue 2

-Motivating Positive Movement

-Wine or Vinegar? Basic Concepts of Sufis

-A Review of Islamic Fast and its Applicability to Health Psychology

-How Spirituality Can Help Conquer Fear and Anxiety

Volume 4, Issue 1

-The Concept of Learning in Western Psychology and Sufism

-Depression and Spirituality

-Sufi Practices, Emotional State and DNA Repair: Implications for Breast Cancer

-Sufism and Psychoanalysis

Volume 3, Issue 2

-Medication vs Meditation

-The Power of Placebo

-Beyond Blame

Volume 3, Issue 1

-The Islamic Sufism Personality Model: A Comprehensive Model

-Attaining Higher Consciousness

-Wanting to Know

-Consciousness; The Role of the Brain and the Heart

Volume 2, Issue 2

-The Concept of Spirituality and Mental Health

-Speaking from the Heart

-Personality and its Assessment in Sufism: Clinical Implications

-The Pineal Gland Revisited

Volume 2, Issue 1

-Sufi Meditation Techniques in Psychotherapy

-The Keys to Successful Learning

-Sufism and Medicine

-The Source of Creativity

Volume 1, Issue 2

-Living Joyfully

-The Unity of Existence

-Treating Batterers and the Battered

Volume 1, Issue 1

-The Sufi Path: A Therapeutic Journey

-Dreams, Visions, and Revelation

-The Source of Life and the Epigenetic Principle

-On the Psychologies of the Cave Dwellers and the Beholders of Dawn