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What is Tamarkoz®

Tamarkoz® means concentration, particularly the concentration of energies. Tamarkoz® is the gateway to true self-awareness, harmony and balance. It includes precise regimen of practices which assist one in attaining a more advanced physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state. Based on the 1400-year-old discipline of Islamic Sufism, Tamarkoz® training has been opened to the public for the first time by the Sufi Master, Hazrat Salaheddin Ali Nader Angha.

Key Elements of Tamarkoz®

The following types of exercises are key components of Tamarkoz®. Their organized, disciplined practice is an essential element in the process of positive change.

Clearing the Mind

develops control of the neural circuitry of the brain, consciously slowing down brain waves. This halts habitually interfering thought patterns, diminishes emotional reactions, and prepares us physically and mentally for concentration.

Breathing Exercises

focus on increasing respiratory capacity and controlling the rhythm and duration of breathing. This ensures maximal oxygenation, aids in regulating other vital processes, and reduces reactivity.

Deep Relaxation

teaches muscular control, and relieves tension and stress, which allows the body to recuperate and revitalize.


includes specific postures and positions as well as slow movement exercises which stimulate, concentrate, and balance the flow of energy of the 13 major electromagnetic centers of the body.


replaces critical, negative thought patterns with more positive, healing images which encourage hope, vitality, motivation and creativity.


provides neurological and sensory training which enables us to learn to focus like a laser beam on a single point.

Learn more about Tamarkoz®

Many Sufi Psychology Association events including workshops, conferences, and retreats include Tamarkoz®.

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